Honey Pot

Maintenance and Care


The following is a list of common "Honey Pot System" problems and is meant for informational proposes only. If you experience any of the following problems, please contact a qualified contractor for help or call the moorage office for additional names and phone numbers of contractors.




Common Problems

Possible Solutions

    Honey Pot won't drain   properly or is over-flowing

If the pump is running, you may have a plugged outlet line or pump

Clear outlet line or pump impellers (not a fun job)





If the pump is not running, you may have a poor electrical or plug in the connection

Check plug in connection





Blown fuse or tripped breaker

Replace fuse or reset breaker





Stuck or defective float switch

Free float switch in tank or replace float switch, by-pass float switch to test.





Worn out or defective pump

Replace pump, by-pass float switch to test.




    Pump cycles more than normal or cycles continuously

Failed Back check valve in moorage side of the system

Inform Moorage Office





Leak in floating home water system filling tank

Check and fix leak in system





Leak in honey pot system filling tank with river water

Check tank and the inlet and discharge lines for leaks




   Pump runs continuously        even when tank is dry

Stuck or defective float switch

Free float switch in tank or replace float switch. By-pass float switch to test






Maintenance Note: To help keep your "Honey Pot System" operating trouble free, it is recommended to clean the tank at least twice a year (perhaps Spring and Fall).

This is done simply by washing down and breaking up the sludge inside of the tank. This can be done with a ordinary garden hose and spray nozzle by spraying and allowing the system to pump the water out until clean.